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How to play keno

The origin of the game of Keno can be found in China. Chinese immigrants brought this gambling game to the U.S. It required 80 Chinese characters to play this game, but casinos in the U.S. replaced these characters with eighty Arabic numerals.

Casinos based in Nevada, United States refer every number with a racehorse’s name. Hence, the game became popular with the name, racehorse Keno. However, when betting off the track on horses bore taxation, and this was the reason for the elimination of horse names from the game. The operators did not want players to mistake this game for horse betting. However, a small part of the racehorse Keno still exists. Most of the casinos call every game a ‘race’. While betting over a game immediately, you have to purchase a multi-race ticket.

The game of Keno is just like Lotto. It is easy and rewarding too. You may even enjoy it as a pastime. This game offers you the chance of winning bigger payouts even with small wagers. You may play the game in land-based casinos as well as on the Internet. Land-based casinos usually have TV monitors, so you stay informed about the winning numbers.

Keno’s video version has machines that are coin-operated similar to slot machines. Here, you may expect faster results.

Playing Tips

For playing this game, you need to select at least 4 tickets. See to it that this number does not exceed 10. Every selection you make is a 'Spot'. Hence, by selecting ten numbers, you actually play ten spot game.

You may find tickets for playing the game at tables spread across the casino. Even Keno-specific lounges make available the tickets, as they offer you with the ‘Keno crayon’.

Just mark any ticket (that is blank) with numbers you select. After this, submit the ticket to the game desk along with your wager. Wait for the clerk to offer you a duplicate ticket. Within minutes, 80 Keno balls are drawn randomly from the barrel, which contains different number of balls. If many of the numbers that you select are drawn, then you emerge as a winner. Results are shown on the TV monitors, which are actually scoreboards spread across the casino hall.

At the least, the bets may be as little as five cents, even though few casinos allow bets only of $1 and above this number. Brochures at the house provide you with information on a variety of tickets and payoffs that you may play.

Whatever the sum of money you win, it depends on the ticket type you play along with the number of the ’spots’ drawn. Play any number of tickets you wish.

You may even expect to win more than $50,000 on $1 wager, while playing the game in certain selected casinos. Many casinos feature multi-race Keno, which allows you to play numerous consecutive races at a time.

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